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Bass Treble Booster 1 Download Serial

Bass Treble Booster 1 Download +Serial
Bass Treble Booster 1

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The ability to change the output of songs and files in your music collection can bring a whole new dimension of listening experience. This bass soprano booster can change music files over a wide range of audio frequencies.

Important features

This bass soprano booster has 15 frequency settings that reduce user or reduce the energy in the frequency of 30 to 19k Hz. For more qualified engineers, there are a number of predetermined improvements listen mgaequalizerThe music.

Booster makes it possible without any loss of quality as FLAC and WAV and other electronic formats such as MP3 file format conversion.

TheDieses product supports input and innovation of the following file format: MP3 WMA OGG APE FLAC WAV AIFF and M4A AAC WV. This means it is suitable for use in a variety of audio devices.

Bass Treble Booster 1


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