Caged Heat 2: Stripped Of Freedom

Undercover CIA Agent Amanda Kelly (JEWEL SHEPARD) is back in this follow-up to Jonathan Demme’s cult classic CAGED HEAT.

A beautiful princess is kidnapped by rebel forces and thrown into the world’s most brutal penitentiary, Amanda goes undercover as an inmate to bust her loose, while the prison’s lecherous warden has a few sadistic ideas of his own! But Amanda plans a scheme to get out… and get even!

(from the VHS cover)

Actors: Jewel Shepard, Pamella D’Pella, Susan Harvey, Chanel Akiko Hirai, Ed Crick
Directors: Cirio H. Santiago
Writers: Paul Ziller, Rob Kerchner
Producers: Cirio H. Santiago, Mike Elliott
Rated: R (Restricted)
Studio: New Concorde
Run Time: 72 minutes

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