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Six Degrees of Dreaming

I know I am in a bad place when all I think about is running away.

I suppose on some level everyone feels that from time-to-time. I have girlfriends who “run away” by spending six hundred and ninety-eight dollars on a pair of shoes with a funny name and I have guy friends who buy DVD’s with even funnier namesfor about the same bucks.

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Actress, Model, Writer, Photographer, Survivor.

With a résumé that shows work as diverse as video standbys like Caged Heat 2 to award winning films like 2012 Best Picture™ winner The Artist, not to mention the fan favorite Return of the Living Dead, Jewel Shepard has endeared herself to legions of fans. She’s also the best-selling author of Invasion of the B-Girls and If I’m So Famous, How Come Nobody’s Ever Heard of Me, and has worked as a reporter for Premiere, Details and Cosmopolitan.

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