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Many moons ago, I used to write for the movie magazine Premiere. Here is an article I wrote for them on Playboy Playmate and Thriller Goddess Shannon Tweed. I figure if I am gonna start writing again and “Blog” why

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  • Those crazy "wanna be a model" days...

  • Here is #Benedict #Cumberbatch being asked about who would he chose to be in a "Master Class" with (that's Actor speak for saying whom, if given the choice, would you like to star in a movie with). Personally, his answer was not the greatest in my opinion but heck what do I know? I am just a Hot Tub girl. However, the #THEIMITATIONGAME was a fantastic movie and well worth the price of a ticket.

  • The hunt for the Golden Boy begins on average about four months prior to this night. Oscar Night. Where I can assure you... all the stuff you see is controlled as to how it is presented on any kind of "media". Here is #Benedict #Cumberbatch in front of a small crowd of around fifty folks waiting to say sparkly things and words of wit -- then dash to a waiting plane. From the reporters point of view? I can not tell you folks enough the pressure of trying to get that "glib line".

  • Dang! Amazing stuff one finds when one decides to clean out the closets! Ha. Stills from #HollywoodHotTubs #DriveIn #Classic

  • Random pics from the days of my youth. Ya know the usual kinds of pictures one takes, while trying to pursue a career in Hollywood. Ha. Like... wearing lingerie on a hill top at sunset in Maui, or going "Pink" at the San Diego Comic Con when it used to be a show just be about "the comics" and not the kind of gig it is today and of course? The mandatory "nightgown shot" shot at the foot of stairs at some strangers apartment building. Oh... the "Business" of Hollywood.

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