Straight To Video

Many moons ago, I used to write for the movie magazine Premiere. Here is an article I wrote for them on Playboy Playmate and Thriller Goddess Shannon Tweed. I figure if I am gonna start writing again and “Blog” why not start with Shannon?

Somewhere in Florida, Demi Moore is getting paid twelve million dollars to take off her clothes in Striptease. Entertainment Tonight is there. So is Extra, Hard Copy and pretty much every news crew in the world that isn’t out bird dogging O.J…

Simultaneously, in an abandoned warehouse near downtown Los Angeles, thriller star Shannon Tweed is wrapping her latest movie, White Cargo. Shannon doesn’t have Entertainment Tonight covering her. She doesn’t have Extra or Hard Copy or even Scream Queens Illustrated. What she does have is Toronto’s Movie Television, and me from Premiere, plus she gets to keep her clothes on. On the other hand, her check is probably a few zeroes shy of twelve million. Read more Straight To Video