The Flying Squirrel: Watch Out For That Tree!

Gabby Douglas, fifteen, first African American Gold Medalist in the history of gymnastics, honored on a box of Corn Flakes is well, apparently going through a crisis. Speaking of how she was tormented and bullied by her fellow team mates as they called her names such as “slave” telling her to do things like “scrape the bar, slave” and in Gabby’s mind, she felt it was because she is black. Never mind, she is an elite athlete and spent untold hours “slaving” away both family and life at a shot to hang some pretty awesome Bling around her neck.

On the other hand, calling someone a “slave” and I am assuming here, mostly white team mates said this is probably not very sensitive — given she is black and if one is of color — that is an life issue. Period. When I look at Gabby’s comments from that perspective, I then think she has a point and she is very brave or very dumb to go on National TV and say what she thinks.

Which leaves me to ponder this thought: Gabby! You’re fifteen, can’t eat McDonalds, tired of working out ten hours a day, seven days a week — Shut up! Stop speaking! Smile! You’re mom didn’t file bankruptcy for nothing! Gabby this is the moment that is truly Golden for the rest of your life. This is it! Endorsements! Being black, infectiously cute, top of your game, a winning smile? Cha-ching! Please, Gabby, just smile. Go back to the gym, focus on the next four years and when Brazil rolls around win and win big. Stop your whinning! For Christ Sakes! You are on a Corn Flakes box!

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