This Made Me Cry

Earlier today, and as I often do, I found myself sitting at lifeguard station number 9 at Sunset Beach and Pacific Coast Highway, watching the waves and a few runners jog by — when I spied upon a young couple hidden behind the jetty and in heavy petting mode. At first, I found myself being cynical and sneered, “I give you folks six months then, disaster! He will dump you, Missy! Your lips will have to find another set of puckers!” Instantly I felt bad for thinking that — as I was putting my own failed relationship woes on this picture perfect moment. Maybe, these two love birds will indeed have something to take vows about, maybe these two, will have what real true love is all about. Perhaps these lovers hidden among the cold and hard rocks have indeed found love… the kind of love that  transcends an ordinary Tuesday afternoon into a lifetime of warmth…

As I walked back to my car, sand in my shoe, rocks in my socks… I felt confident, this couple wouldn’t last the week. No way.  Nada- A-Chance! After all, this is Malibu! Home of so many a pair of pretty puckers. Don’t believe me? Let me introduce you to “Angel”.

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