Folks who know me, know I love gadgets. Especially camera gadgets.

A few weekends ago, I was laying in bed when this man, came into my bedroom via the TV and I can truly say, I got excited. No, not for his amazing moves on a surfboard — which is awesome to watch both on TV and in real life, but for how he was being photographed while doing his amazing moves — which really excited me!

Minutes later, I was squealing and panting at the front door of Samy’s Camera in Hollywood. Inside, I found myself forking over bucks for a “Hero” GoPro, with extra housing, extra batteries, extra ties… reasoning that in any future zombie apocalypse one must always be prepared! Clutching my goodies I headed over unannounced to Diane O’Bannon‘s house. “Diane, we must, we must, we must! Prepare for the zombie apocalypse!” I say, entering her house, and startling Diane as she slept on the sofa, “Wake up!” I open her eyelid and like a child, I peer into her half asleep eyeballs and eyeball-to-eyeball, I whisper, “we have to go test out this new camera before the zombies get us…”

Note to self: Never tell someone about a zombie apocalypse when they are asleep and next to a readily available axe.  Don’t ask. Not pretty. A lesson learned.

We found ourselves in front of the USS IOWA in San Pedro a few hours later and I was pressing my luck. “I wanted something wet to shoot, like Kelly Slater, or at the very least a gorgeous mermaid, not this… this… boat.” I whined. Diane, patted me on the hand and led me to the ticket counter and promptly ignored me. She went off to push buttons and  ask a whole lot of questions about the USS IOWA and I searched in vain for perhaps a chance to see a mermaid lurking just off the bow.

Note to self: Next time I get an idea to play with a camera, I know nothing about? Read the instructions first. It helps if one knows where an on and off button is.

Hours later, I find myself in front of the computer and staring at hours of  footage mostly unwatchable. However, I did learn a GoPro camera is easy to learn and fun to shoot. I am sure it will be more fun to use if I can ever find that mermaid.

Note to self: My next GoPro moment will be very funny as I have now read the instructions understand the camera.

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