Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Just woke up. Late for me. Put me behind in cleaning up the kitchen, paying bills, taking a shower, which means I am gonna be late on my scheduled appointments for the rest of the day. People I know will get angry; I will be apologizing for my tardiness, promising to make up stuff for the time lost, all in all trying to excuse my sleeping through my alarm and showing up late.

Then, something happens that makes you rethink your issues and one remembers how truly blessed they are to have such trivial “problems” as the crap I listed above.

Here is Molly a young child in Haiti suffering through unspeakable pain and probable death. Another reminder of “There but for the grace of God there go I”.

So yes, I will be late to my meetings and I will let down my obligations some today… but ya know? Things can be so much worse. I am truly blessed.

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