So as you start your Labor Day celebrations don’t be a Dumbo!

Watching this video reminded me of how an elephant is trained for such a job. As a baby the elephant trainers would begin by sturdily chaining one hind leg of the animal to a tree. The elephant would then become accustomed to the chain and, pretty soon, does not even try and get free. The trainer then reduces the size of the chain until, finally, all that is required to constrain the animal is a thin string. It is not the string that restrains him. It is his belief.

The first step is to become aware of your thought patterns and core beliefs especially the recurring ones that repeatedly pop into mind and govern your behavior. Notice which ones support you and which ones hold you back. Once a person is aware of limiting beliefs, you can consciously choose to change them to something else every time you find yourself having these thoughts.

You know that little voice inside your head that does a running commentary telling you how inadequate your are or finding you lacking compared to others or telling you that you can’t do something?

I used to be in the habit of saying, “That was stupid!” to myself any time I would break a cup, drop the phone in chocolate milk, stubbed my toe… until one day I caught myself talking to myself in this way. Why, in the world, was I talking to myself this way? Now, when I catch myself saying this, I say, “No. It was not stupid. It was just a mistake.”

Everyone sees the world based on every experience they have. We tend to keep interpreting and interacting with the world based on these core beliefs whether we are conscious of them or not. If one chooses not to be a Dumbo one ends up seeing the world differently.

Just a thought…

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