I have lots of medical issues as many of you folks know. Some are pretty life and death like others are just those annoyances that take time out of your day and money out of your wallet. Many of you folks know I have filed for every possible form of financial help regarding this stuff and — nothing.
Either I don’t live in the right city, too young, too old, not the right ancestry — ugh. Then there are those super rich pharm folks who say they will give you the drug — if you fill out 683 forms, offer your first born, and willing to fly to Cambodia for a drug trial. In the course of all of this I have recently had to very fascinating experiences. One was learning all about Lasik Eye Surgery with this dude. Sadly, he is too expensive for me and he is not covered by insurance or anything and as my financial issue is so awful thanks to the last five years — I can’t even finance this gig.

Anyways, while trying to find this man’s office I was at another doctors office and a fellow patient was playing with this. OMG! I wanted to steal it. A pen that remembers everything you ever wrote! No more excuses for not remembering that number for that super hot guy that hit you up for a late night romp at his apartment and the horror of realizing you have lost his number. This pen is amazing.
I wrote a few things down, silly things like happy faces, and more serious things down like the address to my next doctors appointment and promptly lost the paper I wrote the name of the Lasik doctors address (see above) leaving this doctors office flustered and drained and after reaching my car I suddenly realized I had lost the piece of paper I had written for the next doc’s appt. I reluctantly trudged back up to the office thinking the piece of paper had some how fallen out of my coat pocket and was laying somewhere in the previous doctor’s office. After looking between the chairs and retracing my steps I moaned out loud saying, that my mind must not be all that sharp today when the patient with the magic pen piped up and told me the pen “remembers all”. After showing me a few (and what seem to me, complicated twists and turn of the top and bottom part of the pen) the pen magically “remembered” what I had written down and Voila! I was good to go to check out my eyeballs.

Which is a good thing. Cause, I will need good eyeballs if I were to win this trip.

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 7.47.09 AM

Yep. I am one of those people that enters every travel trip ever offered. (One of these days I will win a trip to downtown Cleveland and won’t I be happy?!)

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