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Your Daily Read: Death and Then Some Part 3

Part 3 of the mysterious death of my one time agent, Hal Guthu…

Death and Then Some…          Part 3

“He wasn’t a saint, but if you said, ‘I won’t go there,’ he wouldn’t make you go there, whereas with other people, you’d show up and there’d be the dogs and the ponies and the snakes and you’d be goin’ like,

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Actress, Model, Writer, Photographer, Survivor.

With a résumé that shows work as diverse as video standbys like Caged Heat 2 to award winning films like 2012 Best Picture™ winner The Artist, not to mention the fan favorite Return of the Living Dead, Jewel Shepard has endeared herself to legions of fans. She’s also the best-selling author of Invasion of the B-Girls and If I’m So Famous, How Come Nobody’s Ever Heard of Me, and has worked as a reporter for Premiere, Details and Cosmopolitan.

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