Where Does All The Peanut Butter Go?




Packing jars and jars of Peanut butter I showed up at Mercy’s Children Home. A home for the abused, neglected, and abandoned children and run by this woman, Liz. She and her husband came to Thailand some fourteen years ago and saw there was a need in which she could help those less fortunate. Throughout the years, Liz, has nickeled and dime her way to a bigger peanut butter sandwich for her kids.

So on Christmas of this year in the name of the children who live at Mercy’s Children Home in Pattaya a group of us went to beer bars and discos and told anyone not too drunk to listen about this: Mercy/Pattaya Street Kids scholarship

Lost and as written about previously, I couldn’t  find anything but a dead body. However, my lucked changed when I happened upon yellow ballons signaling free food (I had spent my last Baht on water and was beginning to feel faint, and like an oasis in the middle of flesh peddling I found “Secrets”.  “Secrets” is a go go bar in the middle of Pattaya which on any other day would be doing what go go bars do — supplying cute girls to talk to and possibly leave with when I found a man newly arrived who knew a message board for the area, and thought he may be able to help — and BINGO! Donations poured in.


By the end of Christmas Day, we had rounded up some 3,400.00 for Mercy’s Children home and were promptly invited back to meet the kids and eat some Christmas peanut butter sandwiches. Which I can assure you, was one of the best Christmas dinners I have ever had.


A special day has arrived for the children of Mercy Children’s home. A visitor!

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